Client Benefits

Implementation of Gardens ERP system brings the company a number of benefits in many areas. Successful implementation improves business results and has an influence on improvement the quality of customer service and increase sales.

Main benefits of Gardens include:

Gardens is a multi-level development environment. As it combines capabilities of various tools, it enables you to:

Fast implementation

  1. Analyse company requirements
  2. Model application projects (CASE – Computer-Aided Software Engineering)
  3. Create and develop „out-of-the box” products
  4. Create application documentation.


Gardens ERP solution proves its capabilities in both small local company and wide developed shop network. Scalability that enables retail network and customer service management in one point of sale or in all shop network, local loyalty campaigns or advertising campaigns on a large scale, local pricelists for particular points of sale given by the Central, multidimensional network business analytics – these are the values that distinguish our system from other systems. Gardens can be adapted to the pace of company business development. As a result, the system can easily be extended – along with achieving successive development stages. It can be done without frustration or stress related to the change of systems.


Openness and flexible adjustment based on Client requirements

By assumption, Gardens is customised to the specific needs of each customer. All is performed quickly and at low-cost. Gardens provides:

  1. The capability to perform simultaneous transactional operations on multiple databases,
  2. An open platform that can be integrated with other applications easily,
  3. A flexible tool that ensures high-reliability of the system.

One integrated platform for all processes 

Comprehensiveness and availability of GAM technology enables you to handle each scenario and integrate processes completely. The uniform Gardens platform based on one high-level programming language provides multiple user interfaces, includining:

  1. Desktop graphic application
  2. Web application
  3. Application for mobile devices
  4. Application for handheld, terminal barcode scanners
  5. The system of dispersed off-line applications with local data bases for replication of data into a central database.


Gardens is a revolutionary solution on the business software market. Based on our specialists’ years of professional experience, Gardens-Software streamlines the application development process, thus reducing the time needed for:

  1.   Application project development
  2.   Creating and developing an application
  3. Implementing an application
  4. Training new users

Price competitive
Gardens is our own original product that was created as a response to high prices of foreign ERP system licences. Its significant benefits ensure lower costs due to:

  1. Substantially reduced implementation time
  2. High flexibility and application capabilities
  3. Low licence fees