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Gardens allows to create additional functionalities or their modeling according to Client’s business needs. This is an open system that enables creating links with other programs operating other areas of the company.


Moving from one location to the rank of a wide retail network and vice versa does not cause any difficulty for the system. Gardens is adjusted to the pace of company business development.


Gardens performs business needs dynamically, enables rapid implementation process and change management by implementation team, thanks to an integrated development environment of application - Gardens ERP.


We created a new technology. GAM is a modern platform for application development. QLX is a special high-level programming language developed especially for ERP Gardens.


Operation in various modes and access from mobile devices both at headquarters and for the sales representatives.

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  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Fast
  • Innovative
  • Mobile

we are a producer of enterprise class software as well as dedicated programming environment Gardens Application Model. 

Based on 20 year experience in development and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning software, Gardens team designed hi-end flexible solution that consist of Integrated Development Environment and application layer of which the key component is Gardens ERP system.

Gardens Software main priority is to deliver ultimate solutions tailor-made and customized to our Client's needs. That is why, one of the key areas covered during development and implementation process is the understanding of sector and company specific business success drivers.

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