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Idea Behind

Gardens is a response to continuously growing needs of the business market

Using its wealth of experience in the implementation of ERP business management solutions, Gardens-Software created an advanced IT platform.

The platform was designed in order to provide a basis for developing professional and flexible business applications. IDE Gardens is aimed at reducing the time of creating, testing and modifying applications.

As customer and market needs are varied, ERP systems are expected to meet new demands. Therefore, modern integrated solutions require a specific platform (IDE – an integrated development environment) to be the basis for building the whole application logics. Nowadays, it is not sufficient to set up specific application areas. Gardens was designed using a 4GL, which ensures that the system meets the following requirements:

The requirements of indispensable technological improvements in implementation processes:

  • One, integrated tool – defining data structures, user interfaces and logics at one screen, movable application source objects saved in a database
  • Complete flexibility – the IDE platform should incorporate its own complier enabling you to implement code elements with actual data in real time while the system is operating (extreme programming)
  • System reliability and simplicity – IDE should be designed at the lowest possible level by using a simple, high-level application language that ensures practical approach, optimal software setup and implementation
  • Automated process of creating application modules – it reduces time-consumption of building and implementing business applications

Versatility and availability of the GAM technology enable the realization of each scenario and the full integration of all of the processes. The uniform Gardens platform, developed by a high-level programming language, provides a number of user interfaces at the same time:

  • desktop graphic application,
  • Web application,
  • application for mobile devices,
  • application for terminal, mobile barcode readers,
  • system of distributed off-line applications with local databases, replicating data to the central database.


Summing up, the primary requirement is to build an integrated development environment, in which applications can be constructed. It is the only method that guarantees the complete flexibility of the system logics. Thus, IDE should incorporate an implemented 4GL, complier and RAD tools, which make the system open to external standards and technologies (COM+, XML) at the same time.

The development environment should be designed at the lowest possible level, without redundant additions. Whenever highly configurable classes in NET, MFC, VCL tools are applied for this purpose, the design process ends up with a failure. Such a system is featured by too big system lag. All efforts made to maintain such classes while building a flexible GUI based on a high-level language have not resulted in a required efficiency level.