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Warehouse Management System


Gardens Warehouse Management System enables complete management of High-Bay Warehouse, cooperates closely with the area of logistics, sales and production. It can reduce operating and logistic costs, and optimize used high-bay storage areas. It has the ability to create graphical multi-level maps of warehouse and to use mobile devices to manage inventory.

Market challenges

  • Optimized exploitation of warehouse area
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Accelerated warehouse workflow
  • Control of orders complementation
  • Speed up warehouse releases
  • Control over the route planning process
  • Verification od lading

Key features

  • Freedom of configuration
  • Flexible structure of the warehouse
  • Warehouse address management
  • Definitions of packages and run-off areas
  • Completation
  • Warehouse activities checklists
  • Warehouse staff management
  • Transports management
  • Inventory service
  • Working using hand-held and truck bar code readers
  • Integration with Claims and Quality control module Co-operation with mobile terminals


  • The company can quickly and flexibly respond to customer needs
  • Reduction of operating and logistic costs
  • Speed up customer service
  • Optimization of warehouse space
  • Control of the route planning process
  • Speed control and verification of loading
  • Records of transport packages

Main tools

  • Multi-level graphic warehouse map, including most complicated arrangement thanks to bitmap import mechanism
  • Automatic generation of release orders
  • Packaging and returnables register
  • Two scenarios for completion
  • Checklists of receipts, receipts notifications
  • Graphic manager panel - downtime, completion performance, quantity available, the status of order realisation
  • Transport manager panel
  • Fork lift trucks work management
  • Analysis of warehouse staff performance
  • Analysis of the transport status during the completion