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Accounting & Finance



Gardens Accounting & Finance (Gardens A&F) is the functional area, responsible for the implementation of accounting and finance in the enterprise. It provides full support for accounts keeping. The system is integrated with the bank electronic payment systems, both in the context of the issue of bank transfers and bank statements settlement. The accountants are given the option to export data to spreadsheets and access to a rich set of templates of reports and analyses. Gardens enables the maximum automation of work in finance.

Market challenges

  • Successful implementation of corporate strategy in the fast changing market environment
  • Achieving financial and operational objectives by the organization
  • Proper budgeting and planning of the financial company’s performance
  • Maintaining the accuracy of accounting records and tax returns in a dynamic legal environment or in connection with the intensive company’s development
  • Maintaining low costs of the administrative services, maintaining quality and efficiency at the same time
  • The expression of economic transactions in the way that enables their analysis, drawing conclusions and making the right decisions
  • Management of currency account and financial liquidity

Key features

  • Freedom of configuration
  • Flexible chart of accounts adjusted to the company's information needs
  • Multi-dimensional accounting records
  • Many areas of evaluation (accounting, tax, IAS, etc.)
  • Multilevel and multidimensional budgeting and forecasting
  • Lliquidity management
  • Debtrecovery
  • Control of work process and of the accountants team effectiveness
  • Access to online data
  • Integratedworkflowengine
  • Integration with MS Office


  • Fast and precise analysis of the financial state of the company
  • Optimizing the data management processes      
  • Budgeting for any defined period
  • Automation of work in the financial departments
  • Control of work processes and the effectiveness of the accountants team
  • The current management of liabilities and receivables

Main tools

  • Full control of the financial department using the individual employees’ calendars and to-do lists
  • Statuses enabling the control of  the workflow, completeness and month-end closing state
  • Individual user menus that complement system authorizations, simplifying the segregation of duties and employees’ concentration only on the tasks entrusted
  • Templates /outlinens of account assignments,documents accounting, registers and declarations reducing the possibility of making an error and also accelerating the work of accounting services
  • Accounting working sheets
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of data and deviations from the budget, and also the profitability of contracts and budgets
  • Analysis of investment
  • Calendars of incomes, forthcoming payments and settlements with contractors
  • Reminders / payment calls
  • Inventory and receivables ageing