Gardens ERP

The challenges for companies are as varied and unique as the companies themselves. Taking it into account, we created a flexible system solution, that enables all companies to transform their activity in the thriving business.

Gardens ERP system is truly flexible ERP solution with its own development platform. Our complete, integrated system enables the company to reach a state of management excellence that leads to competitive advantage in the market. Its implementation results in immediate optimization of the use of corporate resources and business processes. As opposed to common out-of-the box applications, current at the date of sale, that cannot however be adjusted to changing business environment, we provide software together with application development platform – IDE GAM, which enables the company to implement all of the modifications without the system producer and without the cost of additional modifications.

The Gardens ERP system is also the comprehensive solution, that facilitates realization of strategic and operational objectives through the opportunity to information management and full control over business processes taking place in the company.

Gardens ERP is aimed at fast implementation of innovative business models in order to help your company to leave its competitors behind.
Owing to Gardens ERP, small and medium-sized enterprises are able to achieve new business goals such as:

  • Supporting new specific performance scenarios
  • Establishing cooperation with large retail chains
  • Creating new distribution channels
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
  • Improved synchronisation of production and inventory management based on customer orders
  • Enhanced customer service without increasing inventory levels
  • Reduced planning time, improved effectiveness
  • Precise demand planning
  • Automated processes, reduced costs
  • Faster data modifications within the system for new product portfolios
  • Complete integration of all events in a company
  • Continuous control of costs and profits

Due to our innovative and specific implementation methodology, each implementation project of Gardens ERP EDEN is secure and reliable. The unlimited capabilities of the Gardens platform make functionality a derivative result of the high-quantity implementation. This means that the system has unlimited functional capabilities and the functionality that is developed depends on implementation methodology.

Main functional areas of Gardens ERP Eden