Co-operation Principles

Partner cooperation rules between producer, implementation company and customer.

Partnership program is based on cooperation, which is to provide partners and customers the greatest business benefits. Such formula joins independent software vendors, systems integrators, technology vendors, customers and producers in order to develop and improve the system solutions and implementation processes and to meet the business and technology needs at the highest level.

Gardens - Software, as a software producer is particularly interested in the development of the platform IDE GAM, as well as the application layer, in particular ERP system. Providing of the development platform both implementation partners, as well as directly to customers enables the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as a dynamic development of the system.

 In addition, this model of cooperation, which is associated with a flexible licensing provides customers with independence from the implementation partner and producer, and the opportunity to develop applications using its own team of experts trained by Gardens - Software.

Description of cooperation:

  • Cooperation between the producer of the system, implementation partner and customer guarantees maximum benefits for the system users.
  • At the same time customers gain access to knowledge and producer and implementation partners resources and also the opportunity to select developer team, whose task will be the further development of the application.
  • Partners, through excellent market orientation and adviser status, are able to offer tools, which support realization of the company's business goals.
  • The producer, interested in application’s development, aim at quick introduction of innovative solutions and ensures continuous, dynamic development of modules, branch solutions and standard functionalities.